Beverages, Beer & Bottles a followup…

flashlights-beer-sodaBeverages, Beer & Bottles a followup to the The Naked Bottle

 No one label fits all applications — different products require different materials while still using digital processes.

From pharma, wine and spirits, durables, health and beauty, industrial chemicals or beverages, every label has its own look and functional requirements. Which is why we are continuing to discuss labels and their applications, as well as the importance of choosing the right materials and processe.
Our focus today is on beer and beverage label printing, a group of label printing that requires a specific approach in order to get the desired look and feel of the end product.
Clear-on-clear label materials, has transformed beer and beverage labels into a strong growth market for the self adhesive label market, at the expense of wet-glue labels. Capabilities regarding appearance, variation in look and feel, etc, discuss exactly what is most optimal to achieve the best result with these labels.
The most popular type of labels used
Beverage labels can be divided in two types.They are paper-based labels, with natural or coated paper facestock, commonly printed in four-color. The other type are premium labels, for which clear-on-clear materials and polyvinyl facestock are typical.
For beverage labels, adhesion should be high in different conditions (in a refrigerator, outdoor, in an icebucket…). For premium beverage labels polyvinyl either white, clear or silver will give you the durability as well as the higher quality appearance desired .These materials work extremely well on all digital presses used today, example HP’s Indigo and by adding a clear lamination it will create a highly durable label for all environments. Paper wether a gloss or litho surface has its own special look. Companies who desire a more natural or even nostalgic look helping appeal to a specific demographic makes these materials very desirable as well as keeping some of the costs down. Either way with todays digital processes the quality is just outstanding and leaves almost no limitations to the artwork you decide to use
Look & Feel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In Todays digital world of art and design the technology behind the label manufacturing process has truly arrived. The once limited process of flexo presses has been surpassed to such a level that there is no art or design that cannot be replicated on a label. Which was limited at one time and only seen in high end offset printing. Along with the image quality the available materials, laminations as well as various coatings offer physical appearance variations as well as different feels to the touch.from smooth high gloss to almost soft velvet like matte laminations. Papers include parchment type materials giving it a natural look and feel, as well as lithos and high gloss. These also except any of the laminations and coatings such as UV and aquios. Together these materials with the latest in adhesives have truly added a new level of quality to the beverage industry.          Now with all these advances ones ideas can make it the bottles exactly as it was imagined. Wether it it’s a craft beer or a new design by one of the big breweries one can create a label that will standout on the shelf representing the desired message you had intended as well as being confident that while soaking in a cooler your label will hold up.
These materials and processes apply to all bottles and we will continue to bring more information on pharma, wine and spirits, durables, health and beauty, industrial chemicals and their special needs in the way of materials and todays tech and what it can do for those industries.
I hope this and all future articles are helpful and of course we are always here at Accent Label to answer all your questions.
Larry the Label Guy