Card and Key Tags/Gift Cards

Lake-Liquor-DiscountCard and Key Tags/Gift Cards: So It’s that time of year again here at Accent Label™ we’ve geared-up production with this years Card and Key Tags/Gift Cards. With today’s digital capabilities there really isn’t any image we cant put on your cards from simple to ultra creative.

One our first clients in this area was Lake Liquor. A popular local retailer who first started with his Card and Key Tags they were simple line art but so is their logo of many successful years. You will probably recognize it if you live in Suffolk County Long Island. As you will also see thanks to digital technology their new gift card is quite a change from the Card and Key Tag. Now these have much success and still are relatively simple designs but today there is no limit as what you can print on your cards.

So here is to a successful holiday season, and we at Accent Label™ would love to help you make it a better one!



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