Direct thermal vs Thermal transfer labels

Having received numerous inquires and orders for both these products the big question has been Direct thermal vs Thermal transfer labels. Most users are well aware of the practicality of each, and of course the quality, permanence & cost. However based on our clients usage of more portable printers and overall cost efficiency direct thermal is definitely ahead these days. What a lot of our clients don’t always know is that there equipment can run either product usually just a flip of a switch, now this does tend to apply more to desktop versions. The good thing is if your trying to simplify your ordering this is a great way that allows all Direct thermal labels as an example, to be useful in all machines. Even better in a emergency if you run out of lets say your portable rolls you can grab a larger desktop roll and hand roll a few smaller to get you by till your order arrives.

There are many other comparisons that we will be discussing over the next month or so. During this time we ask that you  please post your questions and we will do our best to guide and direct you to what will work best for your situation and needs. In turn these questions and answers may help others in choosing or resolving which product will work best for the specific need.

Have a  great day to all from all of us at Accent Label™

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