The Naked Bottle – Power Of A Good Label

In today’s competitive retail market, the first thing the buyer sees is the labeling and packaging.
With the right creative image, your product’s label can make all the difference.naked bottles

The wine industry conducted an interesting tasting event to prove a point. A single wine was used in identical bottles except for the labeling.

The people were given a sample from each bottle, they sniffed, examined, swirled and tasted.

The results and the comments that followed were very interesting and I’m sure everyone reading this knows where this is going.

The bottle with the intentionally inexpensive appearance was perceived as such. However the creative well thought out design labeled bottle had actual comments like “this obviously tastes so much better”, “there’s no comparison”
“Look how much richer the color and bouquet are” said one consumer.

I cannot emphasize enough how important that taste test is to all industries that label their products, on beverages, nutraceuticals and more. We look forward to helping everyone achieve great results within all industries.

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